What Makes the Human Brain So Complicated?

The human brain is one of the most complicated things in the universe. The human is the one thing that even scientists have failed to fully break down. While there are some things that you know that you can understand fully and completely, the human brain is just not one of them. No matter how much you may try to, the human brain is on a whole new level. And today, we will look at just how complicated the brain is.

The Human Brain

Grey Matter

We believe that one of the things that makes the brain so complicated is what we call grey matter. The grey matter is the cell bodies of the neurons that connect all the other cells to each other. Not only does the brain has grey matter it also has white matter as well. White matter is the branching network of thread-like tendrils called dendrites, these are also used to connect the rest of the cells together. And the most fascinating part about all this, is these are not the only cells. In actual fact, brain cells are brain throughout our lives. And as much as you might try to keep up. We are talking about cells that are being made with each passing day.

The Chemical Messengers

While many people think that falling in love is magical, it is actual fact a chemical reaction that is going on through the brain. This is because eth neurons in our brains communicate in a variety of ways. And as such, we have chemical messengers that in charge of making happy and sad. All these feelings and emotions are created in our brains. Making the brain, quite fascinating.

Brain Scanning

The images that we see and the things that we smell are processed in the brain. What we taste when we eat something is also processed by the brain. When we see, touch, eat, taste, smell hear, the brain scans to come up with a response. That is how you are able to say and name things as they are.

Structure of the Mind

The brain can also be likened to a labyrinth. This s is a complicated pattern or maze. That is just what the brain is. The brain has different sections that are in charge of literally everything. Our emotions urge as well as our appetite. These are things that make up the life of a human being. And the brain is in charge of them all. However, this is not in one jumbled up piece. It is all the different structures of the brain.

There are several sections of the brain like the occipital lobe that deals with vision and the parietal lobe with movement and position. There are the temporal lobes that deal with sound and speech as well as memory. And the prefrontal lobes that deal with complex decision making. These are but a few sections of the brain. And there are a lot more, proving to show just how complicated the Huma brain is. And this also shows juts complicated human beings are.