Ornamental sweet potato vine also known as Ipomoea batatas is valued for its colourful foliage as well as fast, easy-care growth habits. Even though the plant works well as a ground cover, it is actually productive when planted in containers where it will be spilling free over the sides.

However, depending on numerous ornamental sweet potato vine is available in different ranges of colors. These include bright chartreuse or deep purple, along with variegated variety in shades of pink, white and green. Please visit online roulette and make money?

Even though ornamental sweet potato vine is often grown as an annual plant, it is actually persistent in the U.S. Department of Agriculture growing zones 10 and 11.

Moreover, you need to keep in mind that it is very easy to grow ornamental potato vine. At the same time, the plant also carries some wonderful benefits that we are going to highlight in this article as well. Therefore you need to make sure that you read and understand this article and so that you make your life easy.

The Planting Process

To grow ornamental sweet potato vines, you don’t necessarily need to buy sweet potato seeds. Why do you have to spend money when you can propagate your own plants from cuttings from the tubers? Obviously, you are very familiar with the tuber method as it is a traditional preschool gardening exercise.

However, to grow ornamental sweet potatoes from tubers is actually a piece of cake. What you simply need to use are toothpicks to prop up your section of tubers in a glass of water at the same time leaving the top third of it exposed to the air.

Make sure that you place it in an area where there is light and indirect sunlight. Soon after doing this, these roots will start growing and that will trigger the plant to thrive and start growing.

For the sake of propagation method, make sure that you change the water every couple of days so that you can prevent fungal along with bacterial growth. It is ideal to use room temperature water that has been approved to sit for 24 hours. This process will ensure that chemicals will have dissipated.

Soon after the roots are established by either the tuber method or cutting method. You can simply use pot soil or plant your burgeoning charges. It actually is as simple as that.

Brighten Your Home

If you manage to nurture these hardy, colourful plants indoors year-round, you are able to take care of them just as you would have done with any vining houseplants. Here is how you can also benefit from this ornamental potato vines.

· Try to keep your indoor sweet potato plants near a window that is facing west or south. At the same time, the pant should not be too close to the window as it may get too cold.

· Keep the room temperature between 70 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

· Pinch off all the dead growth and trim diligently to encourage attractive, bushy growth.

· Mist on a regular basis and wipe the leaves using a soft cloth to remove dust.